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Воу, воу, воу! [Friday|13 December, 2013|03:05]


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[Thursday|11 April, 2013|01:45]

Don’t leave me now, don’t say goodbye
Don’t turn around leave me high and dry

I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast
I am alone at midnight
Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I
I’ve got a war in my mind
So I just ride, just ride

I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy
I’m tired of driving ‘til I see stars in my eyes
It’s all I’ve got to keep myself sane, baby
So I just ride, I just ride

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200x is luv [Monday|29 November, 2010|07:58]

im missing badly that decade:

2000-2006 - the school time i suffered, and regret about that
2006-2008 - my university studies of alcohol and social relations between drunk people
and "The Great Year 2009" which had the best 365 days of joy and pure awesomese, thanks to all the people that have been with me, and of course, those who didn't.

Oh, I will never forget you, The Decade That Made Me Who I Am.

When you were young [Monday|2 August, 2010|03:23]

You know how people tend to say "its not to late, you can still change everything". Lies. Its all about most things, not all the things, that can be changed. But unfortunatelly if one goes back in time and starts changing events, the variety of the latter will be limited by his education and personal development. For example, i believe many people would want to become richer somehow. Personally, im not into that. All i want, is to change a small part of a dialogue that has ruined my life two years ago and is still torturing me every day since that time. It takes a little for me to understand that in twenty years nothing will change for me.

So, going back to what i wanted to say, is that its not possible to change the one particular part of your life no matter how hard you try. Yes, hollywood movies lie to you. And thats the reason i couldnt stop myself from crying almost every night i spent alone over the last two years. From now I one ill try to resist these thoughts. What will change? I hope ill see the results, although right now its still the only thing that occupies my mind.


[Monday|3 May, 2010|12:03]


[Wednesday|3 February, 2010|09:15]

all the chocolates in your pockets are gonna melt

[Saturday|12 December, 2009|03:43]

Moja tvoja kukla voodoo uzhe porjadkom istrepalas'

[Friday|16 October, 2009|07:58]

Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, then it's not the end.

[Tuesday|29 September, 2009|08:13]


Did u ever had really bad weekends? [Monday|3 August, 2009|03:18]

[server|Saint-Petersburg, Russia]
[musique|Madonna - Easy Ride]

Oh god. Oh mom. Oh, whatevers the most powerful thing in this or any other universe. Please, take me back. I dont want to be born in here. I dont want to know all these people. I want nothing.
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Do u live alone? [Monday|4 May, 2009|11:49]

[server|Saint-Petersburg, Russia]
[musique|MICRON 63 - Repeat Sick Repeat]

damn, its so kwl to live alone. no one bothers u, u r free to do whatever u want whenever u want.

gosh, im so enjoin it
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Lego Revival [Thursday|26 March, 2009|04:32]

[server|Saint-Petersburg, Russia]
[musique|Bat For Lashes - Moon And Moon]


Iconic retro brands possess strong currency right now. The latest hails not from the annals of fashion or apparel but from the world of toys - we're talking about LEGO, the multi-colored building bricks that we all grew up with. While LEGO is still one of the top children's toy brands, it is spontaneously morphing into a credible street brand, adopted by Gen Y hipsters who still nurture happy memories of playing with the blocks as kids. It's part of a bigger trend, which has seen other iconic mostly 80s brands such as Reebok enjoy unexpected revivals.


LEGO has been appearing in all sorts of unlikely applications from watches to cameras, bags and belts, to usb sticks, mobile phones and even cupcakes. Our favorites include a recent ad for hot fashion house Lanvin, which used color-spray guns made from LEGO in a recent campaign and adorable LEGO fashion show video by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac which cast LEGO figures as fabulous high fashion catwalk models.


We can only imagine what will be next. Lego for Louis Vuitton, perhaps? Marc Jacobs bags and Lego - a match made in heaven. Or LEGO sunglasses - it's a cult hit waiting to happen. - Laura Demasi
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Please Say Something [Thursday|5 March, 2009|01:42]

[server|Mikkeli, Finland]
[mood|breaking up]
[musique|Lo-Fi-FNK - What's on your mind?]

Please Say Something - Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.
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/// [Monday|5 January, 2009|01:08]

[server|Saint-Petersburg, Russia]
[musique|Grafton Primary - Stuck In My Head]

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I see stars for you and me... [Tuesday|30 December, 2008|11:53]

[server|Saint-Petersburg, Russia]
[musique|Fenech-Soler - I See Stars]

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Bonnie? Tyler! [Sunday|28 December, 2008|12:10]

[server|Saint-Petersburg, Russia]
[musique|Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat]

Just wondering how many people of my age (18-20) are totally into Bonnie Tyler's music? I doubt that much ((

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CSS Suxx [Friday|19 December, 2008|12:36]

[server|New York City, NY]
[musique|Ssion - Warm Glove]

Today i went to see CSS one more time, in NYC. And again, the warming up bands were much better performing than CSS along. They had more drive, more rave and more fun. Especially the todays hit band Ssion, geez i promise to post a video of them, thats hilarious. The reason im writting this is that i was desiding whether i should go this time or not, so finally i went to Webster Hall. So what do you think? La la la after the crazy ending of the show their drummer threw up in the air his drums and i caught one of them :D Yeeee!
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sPIDER MAN [Saturday|13 December, 2008|11:19]

[server|Los Angeles, CA]
[musique|Grafton Primary - All Stars]

Today i went to Los Angeles Universal Studio. Well that was pretty exciting, especially the studio experience tour where i was taken all around the placed where the movies were actually shot. But the 2 major discoveries i made today are:
1) krustyland does exist
2) Humberto Ramos is a gorgeous artist

About the second one, i went to marvel place to get some original comics for my addicted to pop-culture friends and ended buying 2 spiderman issues: the original one and one of the latest, designed by Humberto Ramos. Geez, u should c that urslf, i think hes illustrations do spiderman better then the original still pop-art illustrations:

His neck is pure sex. I luv that pic. Here are some links: one and two.

p.s. krustyland was freaking awesome. u should go there some other daii
p.p.s i made the index mistake in the post subject for matter - pider in russian means faggot. thats a common mispronounciation mistake for russians, once ive even seen a tee with a picture of spiderman and caps-locked title "PIDER MAN" xD
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Pure genius? [Tuesday|9 December, 2008|10:45]

[server|San Francisco, CA]
[musique|Whitey - Wrap It Up]

I think it is.

Anyway i went today to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for an hour right before it closed and that was disgustingly awesome. I really like modern art and that was a lifesaving bit of it. Have nothing else to say, jut got a couple of nice books there as well. "Ants Have Sex In Your Beer" by David Shrigley is way too genius:

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Fenech - Soler [Wednesday|26 November, 2008|02:56]

[server|San Francisco, CA]
[mood|ready 2 fol in luv]
[musique|Fenech-Soler - Lies]

gief plx /// zavernite vseh

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Nobody lost, nobody found... [Friday|21 November, 2008|02:03]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|M83 - Midnight Souls Still Remain]

Well its 2 am now and im sitting on the floor with my laptop lying next to me. And here are the papers everywhere, i need to sort them out before the flight. And im in a really sad mood walking through the pages of this new ONU yearbook. Well i had great time living there anyway and all the good things have come to an end. And that tune playing all nite @ my place... Id like to ask something starting with "why" but nothing comes to my mind, i cant formulate with words what i feel right now... Ill leave it for you guys, u do feel the same, right?
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Canape of San Francisco [Wednesday|19 November, 2008|03:22]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|We Smoke Fags - Canape of Love]

2 days to...

the funniest thing is the reason y im going there. a couple of years ago i went to malta and met some russian dude there, then gave him my email. about a month ago he has sent me a message xD well took some time, yeah. he said he has moved to states and, luckily, im staying there as well so i can visit him. hell yeah, im finally going to some warmer place - its been snowing a bit over the past 2 days.

switch off the freaking winter plx kk
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Do u ever feel useless? [Sunday|9 November, 2008|04:07]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|Beck - Strange Apparition]

No i mean really. More and more often i just feel like dying from disability to do something. To do something that WOULD change this dying world. Didnt u notice yet? I bet in 15 years we all be dead.

Lord, please don't forsake me
In my Mercedes Benz
All the riches and the ruins
Now we all know how that story ends

P.S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jokela_school_shooting
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What would Beck do? [Tuesday|21 October, 2008|08:02]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|Midnight Juggernauts - 45 & Rising (Live)]

World without Beck makes no sense!


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DISCO PUNK ELECTRO FUNK [Sunday|12 October, 2008|05:53]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|Crazy Girl - Cocaine Talk]

So i had so much going on over the last... month?

Tonite we had J.K.'s birthday party. Eventually we've destroyed his house and moveover he smashed his head on the door and was taken to the hospital (hope hes okay now). Erm, then we went to another party house and continued there... some dude trued to rape me... my jeans and t-shirt is now fucked up, my friends krisha puked 3 times during an hour, emily is still not layed and chewbacca is still a virgine xD niko has broke his phone, and we've run out of fags at around 11 pm and of beer around 1 am...

Ya know... that was an awesome nite!

Oh gosh i could not have such experiese in fcuking eu. EU SUCKS AMERCIAN BALLS. Sucks badly. To be hones, russia sucks badly as well. Oh, i luv da states.

p.s. trying to break with virtual reality. no more lam for me. no more blogs/games/anything virtual for me. only rave&sex&alcohol.

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Oooh... my... god! [Sunday|28 September, 2008|08:04]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|The Faint - Get Seduced]

Ok so i got some stupid viruses a couple of days ago. And i couldnt go to the Internet. Actually i couldnt do almost anything. And then my windows wont start at all. So i had to format the hard drive... and yeah, ive lost all i had - like movies, music, video clips and other stuff... but now i have VISTA!!! Free MS Vista. No idea wots that about, but i feel im starting to like it.

And yeah, i love it here. Especially the morning fog. Its AWESOME!!!!111111neoneoneleven

HELL YEAH! A LUV DAT CONTRY! And i like zis ppl!!!

...im gonna tell ya a secret - ive smoken a dozen sigarets today. amazing. luv dat as well
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DO NOT WANT!!! [Thursday|18 September, 2008|02:42]

[server|Ada, OH]

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[Sunday|14 September, 2008|06:32]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|Familjen - Kom Sager Dom]

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Is this the main campus? [Saturday|6 September, 2008|08:54]

[server|Ada, OH]
[musique|Late of the Pier - The Bears Are Coming]

Holy fuck! I rly DONT WANNA GO BACK. Now i can clearly c dat not only russia, whole freaking europe sucks. Now states IS the place where people ARE happy. They dont have migraine, dont suffer from lack of sleep or other stuff. They know HOW to have fun. And here is everything made for students. Like, wtf, one of the mails i got on my school mail said to bring MTG cards(if u got these), coz they hold local school tournaments.

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Have u been to states? Did u like it? [Friday|29 August, 2008|08:14]

[server|New York City, NY]
[musique|Goose - Girl]

Still feels weird.

Cant believe that.

My 28th of August lasted for 33 hours. Insane.
But i made it. Got only 1 month thought :(
Still ill take as much as i can from it ///

And... dunno. I feel so weird. Was checking dani's accounts again. I might be still touched by him. Cant let him go. Hes broken up with his bf for some georgian(???) m8. And severs back from tunis. Then why does it feel so bad?
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